About Me

‘There is a link within each of us between the various manifestations of our natural creativeness in writing, art, music and dance. When expressiveness in any one area surfaces, due to contact with a supportive non-threatening therapist, the likelihood of other forms of creative self-expression emerging is enhanced.’
Gestalt therapy

I trained first as an actress and then as a yoga teacher and aerial circus artist.  I have worked in the arts and engaged in body work for the past 30 years.  My own experience of therapy was first in my twenties and then in my forties.  I found working with therapists that I could trust, who showed me empathy and did not judge me, invaluable in supporting me to grow and change.  It was a gradual but inevitable progression from being a client to becoming a therapist myself.

My own life experiences have been many and varied.  I am of mixed British and Iranian heritage and my family contains many cultures and faiths, which helps me to understand issues faced by migrants and their children.  I have experienced personal bereavement, am married and have two teenage children.

My work in the arts not only makes me aware of the issues faced by artists and how the arts can be a wonderful part of the therapeutic process, but also that we can be creative in many small, surprising and rewarding ways in our everyday lives.  My physical training as a yoga teacher and aerial performer has also helped me realise that sometimes words are not the only way we can express ourselves, and that the body reflects and stores an imprint of our emotional experiencing.