“’Agency’ is the technical term for the feeling of being in charge of your life: knowing where you stand, knowing that you have a say in what happens to you, knowing that you have some ability to shape your circumstances”
Bessel van der Kolk

I offer an integrated approach that is specifically tailored to you.  I work within the therapeutic relationship to explore universal themes of how we relate to others, make meaning in our lives and find our personal agency.

Integrative therapy combines different therapeutic approaches to fit the needs of the individual client. With my understanding of human development, I modify the work to fill in developmental gaps that affect each client in different ways. By combining elements drawn from different schools of psychological thinking, integrative therapy is a more flexible and inclusive approach to treatment than traditional, singular forms of psychotherapy.

I have experience of working with a wide range of concerns including:

    • Grief and bereavement
    • Depression
    • Shock & trauma
    • Anxiety & panic attacks
    • Relationships
    •  Life transitions
    •  Self esteem
    •  Cultural identity
    •  Gender
    •  Physical issues
    •  Issues affecting artists
    •  Registered Member British Association of Counselling and Psychotherapy