Philippa first taught me yoga in London from around 1995.  From the first lessons, Philippa’s teaching style meant I began to make progress I never expected to, postures I thought were way beyond my reach suddenly became possible.  I’m so delighted to be back at Philippa’s yoga classes – especially with these old bones 20 years later – I’m looking forward so much to trying to get back to that kind of flexibility.  It really is a yoga for all as Philippa works hard to accommodate any individual injuries and you can do as much or as little as you are comfortable with.  I highly, highly recommend Philippa’s classes!   Claire Taylor 2017



“I saw Philippa for 15 months. In that time I felt I could trust her to hear my deepest fears, without judgement or criticism. She was compassionate and supportive. I have gained immeasurably in my self awareness and self esteem.” 2017